Ascending, painting by Nora Jamieson

Full Moon – January 6, 2023
May 13, 2019

The painter lays out the now lonely paths he had so loving revealed on the land.  Paths moving around stones and trees.  Sinuous, meandering.  Limbs stacked into what he called boats, a foreshadowing of the boat that would carry him away from her.    

He walked the paths for two years before…before.  And now the woman who mourns him walks them, a living ghost. Walking the pain of scoured, of empty.   Her heart, her mind want to rise up.  She wishes her body diaphanous.  The land weeps. The trees weep.  The animals gather, the Temple is empty.  Every fiber of her being wants to go where he is.  It is spring, when love again rises to sit at the right hand of the Holy.  She sits at the tomb.  Wanting to go where he is.

Author: Nora Jamieson

A soul worker, writer, life long student of death and dying, life is now teaching me the scorching ways of bereavement after the death of my beloved. Right now my writing and painting are solely and soulfully about grieving.

5 thoughts on “Ascending”

  1. Nora, your images and words continue to illuminate the depths of pain and longing from your great loss. I am moved to tears and walk alongside of ghost-woman and temporal being, on the paths that were lovingly carved out. I send love and am grateful for your tender and steadfast attention to your broken heart.
    Love , Abbe

  2. beautiful – so wonderful to be on your wave length again.  You write and paint my experiences with RJ’s essence.  oxoxxo, Olive

  3. Dearest Nora, thank you for revealing the truths of loss and longing so beautifully. As one who has felt and examined my own deep losses in years of grief I can comfort you that light returns. Like the Moon and the Sun it is life, death life again and again. If you still have breath there is more to share here in this lifetime. As you return from the depths and edges your wisdom and experience have great value. Please keep sharing. Love, love, love, )Nini

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