Oh Holy Mother

Oh Holy Mother
Oh Beloved one
who shone through the yellowing birch leaves, your pink rising light
Raising them to a Holy offering to the morning

Do I weep Mother or be in
Awe of such beauty
I miss him
I miss Allan
Your beauty pierces me to my tender core
And I miss him

Everything illuminated
with your eternal love
But for the dark caverns of
my grieving heart

Come Mother, Come Beloved
Reveal yourself beneath the rock in my heart,
in the shadows of lamentation.
I hurt Mother
I hurt so badly, I long for
My Beloved, my Allan
I long for you Holy Ones to bless me
to come to me with the balm of peace

I long for your fierce light to roll away the stone so that I might rise
Oh Madre, Oh Mami, Oh Pacha Mama, Oh Machik, Oh
Shekina and Holy Mother Tara, lay your fierce luminous hands on this
pain that comes from loving
Make a place for beauty to enter
As nourishment for my weary soul.
I beg you.
I offer myself.
I am here.

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